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Welcome to Sine Dia Fine Art, an art gallery of excellence specializing in archaeology, where the past comes to life through Roman, Greek, Apulian, Campanian, and Daunian art. With a passionate dedication to preserving cultural heritage, our collection represents a fascinating journey through the ages.


Our Collection

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Discover our extensive collection of archaeological artifacts, carefully selected from these fascinating civilizations. From the majestic carved marbles of Greek art to the artistic influences of the Daunian and Apulian regions, each piece tells a unique story and provides an authentic glimpse into bygone eras. Every item of our collection is authenticated by experts and offered with certainty of its historical provenance.


At Sine Dia, we focus on caring for an incredible variety of artifacts, from the grandeur of sculpted marbles to the delicacies of ancient ceramics. With two decades of experience in the art industry, our specialization in Roman, Greek, Apulian, Campanian, and Daunian arts sets us apart as a unique destination for enthusiasts of archaeology and ancient art.


Every object in our collection is carefully chosen and meticulously verified by our experts. From elegant marble sculptures to intricately decorated ceramics, we guarantee the quality and authenticity of each piece. Sine Dia's experts, with their two decades of expertise, are dedicated to confirming the historical provenance of each object, providing our customers with the assurance of owning an authentic fragment of the past.



Immerse yourself in the grandeur of Roman art, admire the perfection of Greek sculptures, discover the artistic richness of the Apulian, Campanian, and Daunian regions. Our gallery, is a place where history takes shape through ancient artifacts that tell stories of distant peoples and bygone eras.

"There are two ways to dislike Art. The first is to not appreciate it. The second is to appreciate it rationally."

Oscar Wilde


Keizersgracht 482, 1017 PB Amsterdam, The Netherlands

+31 6 87640072

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